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I would say this is what people miss the most when going vegan - and probably why most would never consider going vegan.

Yip - been there.

I have been lactose intolerant for most of my life (unknowingly) and never really understood why drinking a glass of milk gave me intense digestion issues when I was younger (I definitely do now). I could part with milk easily but cheese was a little bit harder (pun totally unintended but not mad about it) - I found a way to tolerate the cramps for a slice of cheese - but after a sunny day in the cape winelands at a cheese festival I became terribly ill, to put it lightly, and I decided cheese has got to go.

Farewell, Aufwiedersehn, Goodbye.

And the less you have it the less you miss it (because funny enough there is actually a protein (casomorphin) that exists in cheese that acts as a mild opiate and gives you a small hit of dopamine which makes it addictive).

And I get it there isn't much that can replace the texture or more importantly the taste in vegan cooking.


this guy is a came changer.

Made with almond pulp (so it's a win-win when making almond milk as there is no wastage) and no nutritional yeast (which is often used as a cheesy flavor in vegan recipes - but can be aggravating to people with yeast sensitivities).

She's crumbly, she's salty and she's all yum.

And again it's a waste free recipe - which is what I'm all about.

So make your Home-made Almond Milk (recipe coming soon) and then make your baked feta and live your best dairy-free life.



Makes 1 block

1 cup of soaked almonds

3 cups water

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

1 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp fennel

2 Tbsp olive oil

Splash of Water (if needed)


  1. Soak almonds in water overnight or at least for 8 hours

  2. Blend almonds and 3 cups of filtered water with salt in blender

  3. Strain almond 'milk' through a nutmilk bag/old clean t-shirt/clean kitchen towel

  4. Squeeze liquid through bag/towel into a bowl until you are left with a pulp free liquid (this would be your almond milk) in the bowl and a dry nutty pulp in the towel. The pulp has to be as dry as you can get it, so really squeeze all the liquid out as much as you can with your hands - almost as if you are rinsing out a towel.

  5. Reserve liquid (refrigerate and use as a milk substitute!)

  6. Empty towel and place pulp in a separate bowl - add turmeric, garlic powder, cumin, fennel, salt and olive oil to bowl and mix through until the turmeric has stained the pulp.

  7. Get your hands involved - and start mixing the pulp to shape it into a block of 'cheese' - if the mixture is too dry add a splash of water until the mixture sticks together and holds its form.

  8. You can place the pulp in between two sheets of baking paper to roll and to make the shaping easier so that the mixture won't stick to your hands and break the shape you are trying to create

  9. Once you have your desired shape place in a pre-heated oven for 20 mins and bake on 180C - or until it is crusted and browned.

  10. An air fryer would also work (bake it for 15 mins).

  11. Let it cool down - refrigerate in an airtight container (this will allow it to harden and become more crumbly).

  12. Enjoy on salads, pastas, burgers or tofu scrambles. Any meal really.

Keeps for 1 week in fridge

Disclaimer: Avo + Almond Feta = LIFE

Avo + Almond Feta + All Veg Burger Patty = LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE


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