Smoothie Bowl Guide

I love bowls yes I do. I love bowls how about you?

Smoothie bowls are 100% my go to breakfast.

Especially before ballet class or training.

They are perfect because they are a quick source of energy that is easily digestible without making you feel overly full.

They can also be a great way to sneak in some extra fruits, veggies and superfood powders. It really boosts those micros (vitamins and minerals) and you can add ingredients that usually aren't too palatable for normal consumption.

The options are endless.

People always ask "how can a smoothie bowl fill you up?". When eaten mindfully it does - it's jam-packed with nutrients. Unlike smoothies that you can slurp away in seconds a smoothie bowl has all the factors to tick off the satisfaction list.

It has a creaminess, a crunch, a sweetness.

And you can be so creative with it.

Half of food satisfaction comes from preparing your food.

Taking time to prepare it leads to consuming it the same way - savoring every bite.

*Fun fact - digestion starts in seeing and smelling food. These senses fire up the salivary glands which revs up the digestion and prepares the body for food. So taking time to properly prepare your food supplies your body with adequate digestive enzyme production which breaks down food easier. But more on digestion and all its intricacies later.

For now here is a guide to create a macro-balanced smoothie bowl with the perfect velvety texture. Not too runny and not too porridgy - which you can adapt to your macro & energy needs as well as your flavor wants.

Note: *The smoothie base is arranged from highest to lowest carb/sugar content (ie. energy supply)

*The powder/binder is arranged from highest to lowest protein content

*The fats are arranged from highest to lowest fat content

(Right click and save this image for an easy access guide)

Simply place the ingredients in this order in your blender, blitz it up and top it off with all the goods!

You have to use your intuition (and maybe some trial and error) to know which flavors go with which. Generally when ingredients are similar colors they go well together.

eg: BERRY BOWL - banana + frozen berries + unflavored protein powder + chia seeds + stevia + water/almond milk + almond butter + lucuma/beetroot powder + granola + sliced strawberries/banana + desiccated coconut + chia jam

GREEN BOWL - avo/mango/pear/banana + kale/baby spinach + unflavored protein powder + flax/chia + coconut milk/water + lemon + macadamia butter + dates + spirulina/moringa + granola + sliced kiwi/banana + buckwheat groats + hemp seeds

*be careful with this one - don't overachieve and put all the green things that you can lay your eyes on in all at once. Start with one green element and work you way up. And make sure to balance it out with a sweet something just to make it more palatable in the beginning. I know green smoothies scare most people but it can be the most nutritious and nourishing!

SPICE BOWL - banana/cauliflower/sweet potato/pumpkin + protein powder + coconut flour + water/soya milk + almond butter + dates +chai/rooibos + cinnamon + vanilla powder + all spice + maca+ granola + crushed nuts

CHOC BOWL - avo/banana/zucchini/cauliflower/sweet potato/pumpkin + protein powder + flax + carob/cacao + coffee + cinnamon + water + peanut butter + stevia + granola + cacao nibs + dark choc + sliced banana

extra flavor combos: Banana + peanut butter + cinnamon

Mango + sunflower seeds + coconut

Sweet potato + chai

Avo + cacao + CBD Oil

Pear + matcha powder

Strawberry + mint

A quick nutritional breakdown of the guide:

Whether you are going for a run, having a normal day or need to be focused for a long rehearsal and won't have much time for lunch your fueling needs will be different:

For a macro-balanced bowl you want a Carb + Protein + Fat

This is a general meal (keeps you full and satisfied with efficient slow energy release)

eg: sweet potato + protein powder + peanut butter

For a pre-workout bowl you want a higher Carb + Slightly lower protein + slightly lower fat

To give you a boost of energy without making you feel heavy

eg: banana + berries + flax + almond milk

For a post-workout bowl you want a higher Carb + higher protein + balanced fat

To replenish the energy used and feed the muscles for recovery

eg: pumpkin + protein powder + water + almond butter

For immunity and antioxidants you want to add the green elements

To support your hormones you want to up the fat

To fuel you for a long period you want a Carb + higher protein + higher fat

Fats and proteins increases satiety and keeps us fuller for longer

eg. avo + choc protein powder + macadamia butter + dates

As you can see there are so many variations and there is so much room for playing around.

And like everything its all up to you with what flavors work and what doesn't - what fuels your mind and body. Whatever the occasion a smoothie bowl is the answer.



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