Homemade Almond Milk

Vegan + Diary Free+ Gluten Free + Refined Sugar Free

All the milk none of the dairy

Milky milky Coco Pops (but make it cruelty-free, waste free and environment friendly).

It's hard work out here on the farm - gotta wake up early to go milk my almonds (jokes I wish I lived on a farm).

It's kind of a running joke that making your own almond mylk is the final level of veganism - but I'm here to tell you, you can (and should) make your own almond mylk even when you are not 100% plant-based because

  1. It's creamy + delish + you won't turn back to other milks

  2. Contrary to popular believe it's rather therapeutic squeezing blended almonds and water through a bag + it's super satisfying to see how the humble nut can turn into frothy goodness

So why not just buy almond milk?

I get it buying almond milk (or any plant milk) in the shops is easy and super convenient and time saving and and and...

BUT it's also filled with emulsifiers, preservatives, rancid oils, flavorings, refined sugar and additives and MINIMAL proper ingredients.

Store bought almond milk only has about 1-2% almonds per litre while homemade almond milk boasts an almost 25% almonds per litre.

Now I don't know about you but that gets me thinking "what am I actually paying for?"

Emulsified flavored water really...

And you might be thinking... "almonds are dang expensive" - but when you weigh it all up compared to the amount you get out of it it's actually cheaper and higher quality.


I do still buy store bought plant milks here and there but I make an effort to keep it to the minimum - like I said - I get it... sometimes life gets in the way.

Store bought is still 100% better than buying animal milks and I will always encourage people to buy the store bought milks if that means they want to make an ethical, sustainable, environmentally conscious decision to go more plant-based.

Always buy unsweetened soy, almond,oat, rice, coconut, hemp (and all other nut/seed milks) when buying and if you can find a brand with maximum three ingredients you are really winning! eg. Rude Health is a great option which can be bought at Wellness Warehouse in South Africa

If you're still not convinced - read this on how a simple act of switching out your milks makes all the difference to your own health and the planet.

Also no plant milk is superior (it comes down to taste) and if you can make 'making your own almond milk' a weekly ritual it actually becomes an act of self-love and mindfulness = putting good energy into it = satisfaction + accomplishment = a really enjoyable task

See it as meditation, if you will, and chiseling time out for yourself.

After all slowing life down amongst the busyness is super important for our well-being and this is a perfect way to mentally and physically show up for yourself.


Makes +-750ml

Keeps for 3-4 days stored in fridge (separation is natural)


  • 1 cup almonds**

  • 3 cups of filtered water

  • pinch of salt

  • 1 fresh date/4 small dried dates

For a vanilla variant add 1/2 tsp vanilla powder



Start the night before and place almonds in a bowl of water (3 cups) to soak overnight outside the fridge - cover with kitchen towel

2. Drain almonds and rinse under fresh water

Add 3 cups of fresh water and soaked almonds with dates, salt and vanilla (optional) to a blender

Blend on high for about min until a frothy milk forms

3. Cradle a nut milk/clean kitchen towel in between your thumb and forefinger

Pour mixture through the created bag taking care for it not to slip through your fingers

Collect the sides and twist the top - closing the bag

Start to 'milk' the bag by pressing and massaging the liquid through

As you get towards the end tighten the bag and really squeeze the last bit out (this is where all the yummy cream sits) until you are left with a very dry pulp in the bag (it should be a bit of a therapeutic hand workout!)

4. ***RESERVE PULP (use it for another recipe or freeze it)

Pour milk into a glass jar and store in fridge - keeps for about 3 days

**This can also be substituted with grains (oats, rice) or any nut (coconut, cashew, hazelnut, pecan etc) and seed (sunflower, pumpkins, hemp seed etc) - the process is the same! Legume and bean milks are a little more complex (soy milk).

***This is a waste-free recipe and you can get 2 products through one process by reusing the almond pulp!

Use the pulp in baking or make my Vegan Almond Feta by clicking on the link for a savory staple or the Almond Fat Bombs for a sweet snack on this link

and if you have enough snacks in the house for the time being, freeze the pulp and use it later - DON'T THROW IT AWAY.

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