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Farm to Table Dessert

We are in the middle of winter here in South Africa and its gone from "It's still rather pleasant - is this supposed to be winter?" to "It's freezing when are you lighting the fireplace?"

Winter calls for warming spices and root vegetables.

Food that hugs your belly, soothes your digestion and keeps you warm from the inside.

There is a reason why people want to hide out and hibernate under blankets during the colder months of the year - it is the season of rest, recuperation and building of resilience.

We naturally conserve more energy and build up our stores in our body so that we can nourish ourselves.

This clever adaptation actually comes form the hunter-gatherer times - food was scarce in the winter months so the body would store the energy taken in because it wasn't sure when the next meal would be - it always had to be prepared for unpredictable threats or circumstances to fight off predators - it had to have energy readily available for survival.

Our bodies burn more energy when it is cold as to keep our core temperature up and keep our vital organs performing optimally and that's why we eat more and feel hungrier when it is cold outside. The human body's intelligence will constantly amaze me.

In the Eastern healing modality of Ayurveda (a philosophy I have recently dived deep into learning more about and trying to put into practice) winter is the season of both Vata + Kapha doshas. So to keep these doshas balanced and manage your energy constitutions you eat warming, grounding and comforting foods.

Visit this site to read and learn more about the fascinating and healing world of Ayurveda.

Take your dosha test and learn how to eat seasonally for your dosha!

- Winter -

In comes our root veggies. Carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, parsnip, turnip, radish, daikon, beetroot.

In comes our porridges, casseroles, stews, bakes and curries.

In comes our warming spices. Cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, clove, nutmeg, chillies.

In comes our hot teas and chai lattes.

I have recently joined a cooking club and we received a mystery box challenge - only using the ingredients given - carrots, cardamom, oats, coconut sugar, maple syrup, oil, water and salt.

It definitely got my creative brain going!

This recipe is a layered oat crumble and cardamom carrot mousse - super simple and BEST SERVED HOT (but chilled works too if you find yourself in a hotter climate).

I was feeling very inspired by our home veggie patch and I wanted to mimic the wonders of growing vegetables and that FRESH is BEST.

Organic & seasonal!

So oats that looks like vit B12 rich soil in a crumbly dessert with little carrot guys peeking out seemed like the answer!

(These are the ideas I think about lying in bed when I can't sleep).


Serves 2

For 'Soil' Crumble

100g Gluten Free oats

2 tbsp cold-pressed sesame oil/coconut oil

50g coconut sugar

1 tbsp maple syrup (optional - makes it slightly more biscuity)

Pinch Himalayan pink salt


  1. Add oats to a Nutribullet or blender and blitz it in one or two short bursts (it should be between whole oats and a flour i.e crumble texture

  2. Add coconut sugar to a pan on low heat with oil stir with a spatula constantly for 10 mins so that it doesn't burn

  3. When the sugar starts to caramelize add the oats and stir for another 5 mins until everything is toasty and a crumbly texture forms. If it is too dry add a splash of water to make it stick.

  4. Add maple syrup and mix it in for another few minutes. Leave out if you are happy with the sweetness and crumbly texture. The maple just let's it stick easier if your sugar didn't fully caramelize.

  5. Take off heat and let it cool

For Carrot Mousse

1 large carrot (play around with different color varieties!)

3 crushed cardamom pods

1 tbsp sesame/coconut oil

Pinch of salt


  1. Boil carrot until really soft (about 15 - 20 mins) in a pot on the stove.

  2. Once boiled blend carrot, cardamom (without the shell of the pod), oil and salt until a smooth, velvety mousse forms (add a splash of hot water if it is struggling to blend).

Plate in a creative way , layer it up and enjoy as a dessert or a decadent breakfast!

*If wanting to serve it chilled place in the fridge for 30 mins - the crumble will turn harder and biscuity which is yum!

Can be kept in the fridge for a few days.

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