Who am I? - Still trying to figure that one out for myself

It's a big question. But I can tell you this much...

Bianca is the name eating plants is the game!

(Along with doing a yoga pose and shaking a limb every now and then). 

Sassy, curious and in love with brussel sprouts. 

The Busy Bee - that's me!

I am a Cape Town based freelance professional dancer and performing artist (an artistic athlete if you will) as well as a part-time health & wellness blogger and plant-based recipe developer. I love playing with my food as much as I love taking pictures of it and when I'm not in the studio creating dance I'm in the kitchen choreographing recipes.


 I have been passionate about nutrition, food, health and obviously exercise for many years and I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the naturopathic ways of holistic healing through Eastern philosophies, Homeopathy, Yoga and eating a predominantly wholefood diet from a very young age.

My interest grew when I started researching how to heal my own personal ailments in the most natural way possible. I was determined to better myself as I grew tired of constant gut-issues, anxiety and stress that I was putting my body through - rigorous 8 hours a day of dance training takes its toll. And it is a constant journey that I am still navigating.

In 2018 I went entirely plant-based to test the power of a plant-based diet concerning digestion and muscle-recovery/inflammation for athletes. I haven't looked back. I am therefore a big advocate for food as a healing element and the idea of a plant-powered athlete! Following this lifestyle also opened my eyes to many other elements like sustainability, how we as humans impact the environment and just generally living life as compassionately as possible - towards all beings.

Holistic health is 360 - connecting mind, body and soul

The physical body and all its anatomical/biological abilities has always fascinated me - HUMANS ARE INCREDIBLE! I am therefore always reading up on evidence-based research concerning all things health (diet, training, mental health) and I find great joy in gaining knowledge on these topics everyday in order to optimise my own health and share my experiences in hopes that others' lives can be enriched too. I am a stickler for knowledge to say the least. I love challenging my brain and learning about new and unconventional concepts.


 My blog is therefore wholly based on my personal health experiences and knowledge. I am currently obtaining my certificate in Personal Training and Nutritional Advising. 

I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection. Your mental state is just as important as your physical state. You can eat all the green kale you want but your mind has the first and last say which determines your actions. Your mind carries your body so training your brain is just as NB!

 I have always been torn between my dancer self and my foodie self (I am a Gemini after all) and which path I should follow. It became pretty obvious to me that I don't need to just follow one as they are very good supporting acts to each other. As much as living a healthy lifestyle helps me feel physically better it has a strong root in peeking my performance as an athlete too. What you put into your body is ultimately what you get out - so it only makes sense to fuel yourself with high quality nutritional goodness in order to perform at your best. 

And this is for me where my two worlds meet. I use food, nutrition and specialized training for my mind and body in order to be at the top of my athletic game or just to feel my absolute best in everyday life. I hope to enlighten others in their own health journey and maybe bust some western health fads along the way. Because let's face it fad diets are very 2010.. Health is holistic and personal to every individual human and does not follow a linear plan - it goes far beyond what you eat.

So imagine someone on their yoga mat in a dancer's pose, with the view of Table Mountain, an almond milk coffee in one hand and a gym weight in the other (not sure which hand is holding the foot but we using our imagination here), with earphones in listening to a podcast on chrononutrition and a peanut butter smoothie practicing with me - that's quite an image, a whole lot of concentration and a challenge I am very willing to accept...

but that's basically me. 

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